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board surveyWhy You Should Use The AppraisApp Evaluation Tool For Board Performance?

The App acts as an evaluation tool for board performance and provides the board with a chance to reflect on and assess its areas of strengths and weaknesses with the appraisal online, at the end of the evaluation, there is a dashboard which provides a summary review of responses progress made by the respondents.

The online appraisal available on the app, encourages all directors to reflect on what the board has accomplished, as well as on what it should be doing and how it works. Such a review can optimally result in all directors contributing to setting and achieving the goals of the board. The commitment of all directors to the board's priorities and to improving board effectiveness makes those goals all the more likely to be completed.

Being a responsible board member is hard work and is often a thankless job. AppraisApp evaluation tool for board performance which points out strengths as well as weaknesses can give a board a sense of its own competence and Governance Instrument accomplishment as a group. This is a good foundation on which to build positive change.

What Should Be Done With The Evaluation?
A compilation of all directors' responses to questions should be prepared and copies can be retrieved by all board members.

AppraisApp evaluation tool for board performance provides guidelines for effective board of director performance. It also answers the question, "Are we as a board contributing to the co-ops ability to meet its purpose?"

Pay for only what is essential to you and not what you don’t

Entry Level
25 Appraisals

Large Corporate

100 Appraisals
Unlimited Usage

The App is available to clients not only in the UK but Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA to help you implement this confidential process.
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