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Depersonalization can be triggered in many ways such as smoking cannabis (my case), by drugs in general, CBD gummies stressful events in your life and genetic predispositions. No matter what your trigger was, you have to face what has happened and move on. A feeling of insanity, regret and self-blame are often associated with depersonalization, however it is important to realize an important fact: these thoughts and depersonalization itself is only a nasty manifestation of underlying anxiety. In order to overcome depersonalization you will have to accept and deal with your anxiety accordingly. These following tips will help you to do so!
1. Exercise! - I have found that exercise is a great aid in relieving depersonalization since it has helped me to detract my attention from the obsessive and destructive thoughts that are a part of anxiety related depersonalization. In addition regular exercise promotes the secretion of essential neurochemicals such as dopamine and serotonin both of which have a huge impact on your mood.
2. Supplement your diet! - Your underlying anxiety is mostly a result of a chemical imbalance persisting in your brain, therefore it is essential to equip your brain with the vital building blocks so that the balance can be regained. This can be done by the consumption of various neurochemical predecessors such L-tryptophan, L- tyrosine and many more. Supplements such as Omega 3, B complex, Aniracetam and many others have also proven to alleviate anxiety so give it a try!
3. Get acquainted with anxiety! - In order to fight your enemy it is useful to know your enemy! Research literature and web-sites related to anxiety, its mechanism of action and sources. This will allow you to identify the sources of your anxiety and deal with them. Localizing the triggers of your anxiety is a crucial step in overcoming depersonalization since in order to fight your fears you need to know what to combat in the first place. I have found many books and web-sites that address anxiety quite useful, if not the most helpful as they have showed me the way to think and act accordingly. So go ahead and research!
Dealing with depersonalization and the accompanying anxiety is very difficult indeed, however there is a bright end to this tunnel. If you decide and dedicate yourself to overcoming depersonalization you will master it without a doubt! The process will require a lot of patience and consistency, however gaining control over your anxiety is a price that is worth it and therefore do not be disappointed, you will soon start to feel recovering!
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